ok im gonna head to bed now, my mouth/head is in pain again huff

see you guys later ~ 

How do you think an older nepeta would act? Would she be less self-conscious and do stuff like streak in a drunken sugar rush?

I don’t think older Nepeta would be reckless, but she definitely is less self-conscious in ways like, she’s more open to talking about what she’s thinking, and not holding things in

She’d also be stronger and wiser and just know her limitations better, but she still knows how to have a good time and not care what people think of her uvu

Alright but imagine soaking that entire massive gummi in vodka.

well something like this would happen 

Much to the horror of vegetarian Equius.

Equius sobbing in the corner 

Chase down that party bear with a couple bottles of sugary faygo and shed be awake for a week

nepeta and gamzee eat the party bear with some faygo


real talk though, troll eating habits will differ greatly compared to humans

and Nepeta just eats her killings raw

plus i bet Nepeta is like the biggest freaking eater out of all of them and just devours some kind of hoofbeast and then takes a nap, her stomach is a black hole

I watched a video of a guy who tried to eat the 5lb Gummy bear. He got most all of the head before he had to throw up. So how the HECK IS A TINY ASS BABE OF A TROLL (that she is a babe doesn't affect her eating ability, but is simply a fact to be reminded of) GONNA EAT 26 POUNDS OF GUMMI WHEN HUMAN GUY WHO NORMALLY EATS A LOT ONLY MANAGED THE HEAD

cause im pretty sure she could eat a whole buffalo by herself :33c

6/12 trolls done for this photoset me VIBRATING 

moonternity replied to your post: the party bear

nepeta ruthlessly devouring the party bear and then regretting it shortly after

:33 < i have made a huge mistake

the party bear