I was training up some freshly caught Pokemon in the Battle Chateau with two level 30s in case I ran into any thing rough, when I ran into the one Marchioness with the regular girl model. After nearly wiping me with the Altaria, the Sylveon proceeded to destroy me. I barely won with red health, but I don't think I'll ever be more terrified of a Sylveon again. I told you this because of the pokemon, and because she mentioned being a princess before the fight.

everyone should be afraid of sylveon, very afraid

Guys, I should totally draw Elliot and Bijou with their new baby sister Charlie together omgggg

:O you named your sylveon Charlie too? That's what I named mine! Why did you decide to name it that?

Awww that’s so cute what a coincidence !!

And no real reason in particular but I’m a huge fan of unisex names, Charlie’s brother is named Elliot and the exception is that their sister (who is just a regular Sylveon) is named Bijou (Cause of Hamtaro and Bijou is French and Kalos is France ahaha) 

And cause I was looking at the tv schedule and saw Good Luck Charlie was on LOL 

I haven’t used Charlie in a battle yet but you guys should totally watch her brother Elliot take down a full team of Legendaries <3

VS. Recorder Code : J5CG-WWWW-WWW6-QL2P

grimbarkness replied to your post: I want you guys to meet my new baby gi…

Omg what a cutie, does she have her hidden ability for that hyper voice?

hell yeah she does

I want you guys to meet my new baby girl, Charlie <33 I finally got her to 100 today !

aww yis whose legs could these be

I’m also going to do a cosplay for Easter ovo it’s gonna be pretty casual but cute nevertheless i think

You still have five days!! Maybe you could do a small doodle of 420 sometime before (then if you want, touch it up later) then spend your full time on your Easter drawing? Good luck, Princess!!

well i can definitely do the 420 one in like a day or two and i’m most likely going to post that on that day

but the Easter picture is not one picture but actually 17 waist up pictures LOL but its technically not Easter-ish I just wanted to post it that day but its okay I’m still going to do those anyway I have like 2 finished dsghas

i just realized that easter is on 420 this year…. 

i was planning both an easter and 420 picture but now that means im going to have to pick one to do and post the others on another day…