anyway im gonna shut down my laptop now, getting a bit tired so im just gonna go into bed

i’ll be back tomorrow god willing if i feel good again, hopefully i’ll have news if my doctor decides to discharge from me from the hospital or not

nighty guys and again thank you for the support <33

OMG I am so sorry to hear about your Ulcerative Colitis my brother had/has it and it is simply terrible. I pray that what has happened to him will not happen to you because it is just too terrible for words. My family and I are praying for your speedy recovery.

ahh gosh im sorry to hear about your brother ;; yeah a lot of ppl have been telling me that they or their loved ones have it and im sorry for them too

hopefully mine just stays the mild one ;u; thank you for your message too !

Emergency : I’m going to the ER in a little bit


Sigh, Okay so you all may have seen my updates on my post wisdom teeth surgery. You all helped me gain money to take them out and it was a successful surgery and I’ve had NO MORE PAIN in my mouth so just bless.

HOWEVER, after I’ve gotten them out I’ve noticed some extreme symptoms I’ve been having afterwards. For example, I’ve been having stomach pains and just very runny/liquidy bowels with BLOOD. Bright right blood and it hasn’t stopped.

We called our Insurance to get through to a nurse and she tells me its immediate that I have to go be seen in the Emergency room.

My dad on the other hand is just really fed up and upset and yelling about how broke we are and that he didn’t even want to take me. All the money we get for I to be able to go the doctor is made by me with commissions and usually donations because we don’t have it. My dad is retired.

The hospital where I go to usually asks for payments upfront and its like $300 for just a visit and idk if I’ll be staying there or not.

I have $100 right now so I’m just asking for some support on this, I really have NO choice. So here’s the donation paypal :

Or you can go to the front of my blog and click the donation button 


Just thank you guys and please signal boost this if you can, its an emergency ;;

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

UPDATE : (September 02, 2014)



((My mom brought my laptop to the hospital))

So as I’ve been updating you guys, I have been admitted to the hospital and I’ve been here since Friday, I currently still am. I went through a multitude of tests but we finally know what is wrong with me.

I developed Ulcerative Colitis, and its treatable and at least I know what happened. But yep, the testing and other things I’ve been through haven’t been fun at all. I’ll be home soon but I REALLY still need you guys’ help. 

I know I’ll be expecting some hefty bills which my family cannot afford and every penny counts. Even if you can’t donate I’d appreciate a reblog and thank you also for all your get well messages, they’re very uplifting ;u;

Thank you everyone <3

what's your condition in the hospital? not bad, hopefully?

its way better than when i first came in !

i can sit up now, i dont really feel pain in my stomach, i’ve had my laptop here for like 3 days but this is the first time i actually feel well enough to be on it

so im just here, taking my meds, waiting on some more test results

me bummed out tho cause my gastro doctor didn’t mention anything of me getting discharged tomorrow so i may not be going home tmr after all blehhh

i understand tho, cause he did do a biopsy and he wants to see those results, so i just GOTTA WAIT

You are incredibly strong. You have so much to deal with and you really don't have a choice but to handle it, and for you to take things in such strides and seem to stay positive through a lot of it is nothing short of amazing. I hope you are getting the best of care and support you deserve during any of your hardships. I hope you feel better real soon!

ahhh that’s so so nice of you to say ;u; but yeah its like, what else can you do but to deal with it

the only thing i CAN do is just take care of myself, i know have Sickle Cell and this, just another hurdle i’m sure i can pass too ! and thank you for your message !! 

my nurse is so so nice she bought me up a cooked meal after dinner hours

i miss my tablet wehhh

i wanna go home and finish thingssss

i actually had a neprezi dream the other night though, after the anesthesia LOL nep was petting tz’s hair and giving her kisses and it was cute but i woke up 

thank you very much guys ;u; <333 i appreciate your get well wishes !!

Hiya!! How're things going in the hospital? Feeling any better??

its going much better now that the tests are over with !! they were seriously the worst

and i had a bit of pain still but its much better now, im just sitting snuggled up in blankets right now, about to have some soup !