ok good night friends <3

see you all later 

katnep ftw


I'm glad you're finding so much of your ship on your dash cx in my case its so difficult to find ships ;^; Because I am shipping garbage ;^;

ahhh well i wouldnt say i find a lot of it, tbh i see things of them probs a few times a month, katnep isn’t very popular in the fandom compared to other karkat ships

but when i do find stuff of them that’s done right i just thank the shipping gods

we’re all shipping trash tbh

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i can already see his sad raging bulge-boner

its like so out there that he cant even hide it anymore or even care tbh

i ended up burning my hand on grease and it hurts like a fucking bitch and wanted to tell you this because your art cheers me up and wanted to say that have a nice day

oh gosh NOOooo im so sorry that happened *smooches your hand better* and im glad you also like my art ;u; i appreciate it !!

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Hands off the merchandise :33

what if Nepeta giving Karkat a lap dance like in Anaconda and she slaps his hand away.hrghds

my heart dokis a little when i see nice katnep art on my dash and by nice i mean not the cliche kind where karkat is being a douche to her

me just ahhh good good carry on

waif, you did icons for tmpgis?? (if you didn't and i just misread something sorry!! but if you did thats really cool :0) (p.s u make really nice art)

ah yeah i did ! over a year ago 


2 of them even got used in a fan video the creators of the show did, that was rly neat dshfds 

ok but imagine cabbits as a fnaf mascot

so basically imagine cabbit harumi as an animatronic 

i serve you milkshakes with a smile ;)