but yeah besides that, when im not lazy i’ll take a few photos of it all

it will also help me reorganize some stuff haha, some shit is literally on the floors

i haven’t done any sort of pokemon collecting in months, except for today when i caved and bought a Litleo plush because i earned extra money from a commission, but otherwise everything else has been going into my medical bills and my upcoming wisdom teeth extraction

but the last time i’ve shown my Sylveon collection here all together was like…last december or january, one of these days i have to take a more recent photo cause its just more impressively larger now and im so proud of it hhh

but another reason why i haven’t collected in a while is cause ive had people make me feel bad for it, like, oh well i got these nice things on my own through my own hard work once in a while so i’m not allowed to complain about bills or my collection makes me irresponsible, so it would bum me out in a way 

I was waiting til you turned anon back on to tell you that I named my sylveon harumi in honor of the sylveon queen. uwu

oh my gosh aawww ;u; thank you anon thats so so cute <333 

you seem like such a very sweet person on here ^w^ I wub your art as well btw! keep it up!^^

thank youuu ;o; i def will, thank you for stopping by <3

One of my friends on Facebook made a post saying Just a PSA Npeta is fucking annoying. And I just threw my hand over my heart, I was so wounded. Like noooo boo boo, Nepeta could destroy you without batting an eye. So check yoself sweetie.

pffft oh yeah ive heard all of that before but bless your heart <3

"I didn't ship it until I followed harumi" - a joint effort novel on various Nep ships, done collaboratively by every single person following harumi


eeeee thank you <33 i love drawing hearts in hair

here’s the pic bigger if you want to see c:


I really love how in your art you make Karkat the big goof and the nervous one in the relationship because a load of people think that Nepeta would like collapse cause of her crush if he kissed her and its nice to see it flipped around! :)

pffft thank you so much <33 yeah i feel like Karkat would be the one to act that way? especially during the first few dates 

i see her being a little timid around someone older like Signless or GHB, but she rebounds quickly once she’s comfy and is like “dang you’re hot” 

im very 'eh' with karnep mainly cause it never appealed to me but i do respect the fact you enjoy it greatly and follow you because i enjoy your art.

i respect you too anon, have a nice day <3