that facial expressions blood thing was glorious .

thank you so much <333

it was a lot of fun to do, im debating doing the Dancestors as well but ill take a bit of a break before i decide to get to that though haha 

good morning friends 

im glad people are getting the courage to say how they feel about pxs, seems like a lot of ppl feel the same except they’re scared to actually say anything because they don’t want to disrespect anyone

im just /shrugs, its how you get things fixed, even if it won’t be its still better to give honest opinions than to pretend to like something

BUT ANYWAY, im hella sleepy so im gonna hit the hay, good night my friends image

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UM EXCUSE ME??? I do not see you♠me on here? or cale♣me♣you ??? false ship list??? um??


i fixed it, don’t hurt me

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i clicked it and was literally expecting you to have big letters there that just say “nepeta/everybody. nepeta tops.”

WHEEZE ilu cale

pxs art = gorgeous, pxs writing = pukes


fffff…. OK, I try to reserve some of my judgement because my degree effectively ruins comics for me forever, but.

I’m just a bit… sad that the scripts follow such a pattern? It’s common for a lot of short story comics because it’s a nice, short story arc, easily completed. But it sums up to…

A drags B(and C) into zany hijinks!
A is very weird, B(and C) observe that, but tolerate it.
B(and C, or more) crack, react angrily, and call A out on being weird. They exit stage left, leaving A behind in comical solitude, acknowledging their weirdness.

It isn’t in all of them necessarily! And even ones that sorta follow that pattern can be really enjoyable! But it is weird to see them all lined up? Like “…and they’re walking off again…” That said, the art is so enjoyable I will put up with anything and refresh at midnight every night happily. I’M JUST SO PROUD OF MY FRIENDS…. /lies in a ditch

Sometime i feel like I’m sounding like an edgy rebel by expressing my opinion on PXS but I actually am being genuine and honest about it and I think its something that the staff really has to listen to some of us on?

See, the art is wonderful, I love the people who are helping in it, much kudos to them. But they have nothing to do with the writing of the comics they’re drawing/coloring, so it’s nothing against them.

The writing is just….so repetitive like you said, same pattern, same jokes, same characters.

It seems the popular thing right now is Terezi licking things, we’re back to 2012 with these jokes, soon it will be bucket jokes all over again.

What I thought PXS would be about was comics on characters who didn’t get much of a chance in canon, that they would be touched back upon again. And hello, the name has PARADOX in it, I was expecting alternate timeline stories. Like dreambubble things too, ya feel? Dead characters doing things, or ships that were never talked about or shown in canon getting a chance in PXS.

Instead, we’re getting comics of the same characters that we left off of with in canon, cause they’re the favorites and doing just the same things over and over again.

I legit can’t get excited over anything even if the art is pretty. 

Hey, I'd just like to know what you think of flushed Equinep :P (I myself don't like it, mostly because every single fanfic I've read is just Nep crying over Karkat and then Equius comforting her. It's really gross)

i have a ship list over here !

for the most part i do enjoy flushed equinep, and i enjoy them being really intimate with each other

but i DESPISE how the basis for a lot of equinep is founded upon equius comforting a broken hearted nepeta, just literally pukes everywhere 


harumi and her many forms !

yeah like i actually thought pxs would have more stories about characters we didnt usually saw, like to know more about them. but instead, they keep using the mains like kk, tz, kanaya... :^/

pxs has beautiful art and i enjoy looking at the art by artists i admire and recognize

i just am constantly disappointed with the majority of the stories :c i know a lot of people are too, and it would be nice to have a story that wasn’t like an old 2012 fandom joke + overuse of repetitive characters 

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doodle cute girls

spoiler, i have a (secret) photoset theme of females but i haven’t had a chance to work on it i think i only have like 2 linearts done out of like 17 LOL